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Pet-Stain-Carpet-Cleaner--in-Colorado-Springs-Colorado-Pet-Stain-Carpet-Cleaner-3237940-imageCommercial Carpet Cleaning offers professional pet stain carpet cleaning services in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our team of experienced and skilled technicians uses advanced equipment and eco-friendly solutions to remove even the toughest pet stains from your carpets.

We understand that pets are an important part of your family, but accidents happen. Pet urine can leave a strong odor and unsightly stains on your carpets if not treated promptly. That's why we offer specialized pet stain removal services that target both the visible stains and underlying odors.

Our process begins with a thorough inspection of the affected areas to determine the extent of damage caused by pet urine or other substances. We then use our state-of-the-art equipment to deep clean your carpets using hot water extraction method which is recommended by most carpet manufacturers as it removes dirt particles embedded within fibers while also sanitizing them at high temperatures without damaging delicate fabrics like wool or silk.

After removing all traces of dirt, grime, bacteria, allergens & dust mites from every inch possible - including corners where vacuum cleaners cannot reach- we apply special treatments designed specifically for eliminating stubborn smells associated with animal waste such as enzymes which break down proteins found in urine so they no longer produce unpleasant scents over time!

At Commercial Carpet Cleaning ,we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service along with top-quality workmanship . So whether you have one small spot or multiple large areas needing attention due to pets' messes; call us today!