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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner Services

Pet-Stain-Carpet-Cleaner--in-Fort-Wayne-Indiana-Pet-Stain-Carpet-Cleaner-3237940-imageCommercial Carpet Cleaning offers professional pet stain carpet cleaning services for Fort Wayne, Indiana residents. Our team of experienced and skilled technicians use the latest equipment and techniques to effectively remove even the toughest pet stains from your carpets.

We understand that pets are an important part of many families, but accidents happen. Pet urine can leave a strong odor and unsightly stains on your carpets if not treated properly. That's why we offer specialized treatments designed specifically for removing these types of stains.

Our process begins with a thorough inspection of your carpets to identify any areas affected by pet urine or other stains. We then pre-treat those areas with our specially formulated solution that breaks down the proteins in the urine, eliminating both the stain and odor at its source.

After treating all affected areas, we use high-powered extraction equipment to thoroughly clean your entire carpeted area. This removes any remaining residue left behind by our treatment process as well as dirt and debris embedded deep within fibers.

At Commercial Carpet Cleaning, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service using only safe products that won't harm you or your pets while delivering outstanding results every time!